Who moved my stapler?

by Danielle on November 23, 2012

 Who moved my stapler…my files…that report…my desk?!

Doing business during a tough economy has been a challenge. The obvious cost cutting measures such as downsizing, outsourcing and eliminating the ‘extras’ has become common business practice. You may feel you’ve examined every line item leaving no stone unturned, but  were you aware that a disorganized workplace and poor time management within your business is costing your company up to $11,000 per year- per staff person?

There are many costs associated with operating a business in a disorganized fashion.  In 2010, Brother International Cooperation released survey results about workplace disorganization.  Disorganized offices create a much larger issue than simply dollars lost.  Do you see any of the following behaviors or actions in your workplace?

Respondents reported….in brief…

Lost or misplaced material – 1 workweek – 30 minutes per week- lost annually per employee. Others report having lost mobile phones, flash drives, a briefcase, laptop or PDA.

Staff report feeling ill-prepared for a meeting as a result of lost information.

Disorganized and cluttered workplace appears unprofessional.

Disorganized workplace “hurts productivity”.

“A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind”.

The cost of disorganization is clearly much more than duplicate spending. Lost time on wasted activities- looking for items, lacking time-management systems, and feeling distracted, frustrated and non-productive as a result of the clutter and disorganization is an added cost. Not to mention the scattered plans and ideas that never develop. Add to those costly outcomes the amazing intern biding her time or the client that knew immediately upon entering into your office that her companies contract would not be one lost in the piles. Everyone feels the crunch of competition and if the perception is a disorganized workplace then the reality is missed opportunities and unnecessary costs to the company.

We often hear “well, I really didn’t see the mess as being so terrible”.  Whether it is you or a colleague, workspace disorganization will impact your bottom line. Point it out. Your staff and clients will thank you.

Take a critical look around your office. What do you see?

Let the S.O.S. Crew help you recreate your office space.  Send the right message to your staff and clients.

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Cash in the Cushions

by Danielle on October 22, 2012

Spend a Little, Save A Lot


You have heard the adage “you have to spend money to make money”. But have you ever considered that you can “spend money to save money”? Prioritizing, saving and smart money management is simply good practice.  But what if I told you that by hiring a Professional Organizer, you could actually put money back into your pocket?  “How?” you ask.

  1. Eliminate duplicate purchases.  Purchasing duplicates – big or small- is easy to do when those rarely used items are stuffed away and out of sight.
  2. Return items you never used. Sounds strange, but while uncluttering you may uncover items you purchased months ago that still have the tags on them. Many large department stores have a generous return policy.
  3. Re-gift. Who has never rewrapped and re-gifted a gift that was never taken out of the box? It is so acceptable that a term was created for it –“white elephant”.
  4. Know what is in your pantry and make a grocery list. When you go to the store without a list you spend 60% more on average than if you had one.
  5. Knowing what is in your pantry aids to better meal planning. Food prices will continue to increase so be creative and stretch out that food dollar.
  6. Eliminate late fees. If you don’t adhere to a monthly bill paying routine, bills can be misplaced and ultimately paid late.
  7. Empty out the paid storage unit. The average cost of paid storage is over $700 per family per year.
  8. Cash in the cushions. It’s shocking what you will discover in those pockets or old purses when you dump them upside down.
  9. Sell stuff you no longer want. There are so many options – on-line actions, local consignment stores, neighborhood garage sales.
  10.  Once you have organized space and systems in place, you will want to maintain them.  Your urge to shop will diminish when you discover how great it feels to live in space without the extra stuff lying around.

These are just a few ways that a Professional Organizer can help you save money. There are many many more benefits offered by a Professional Organizer– financially, mentally, emotionally as well as the positive impact your renewed space will have on your physical health and on your relationships. The rewards are limitless.

Being organized is more than de-cluttering and creating peaceful space. It is about creating systems that compliment your busy life. It’s about knowing where everything is and feeling confident that you are spending wisely. It’s about saving time and planning activities you enjoy. It’s about feeling liberated.

Don’t let fear keep you from opening up your home.  The S.O.S. Crew are trained Professional Organizers. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals of renewed space, restored balance and, in the end, more time and more money to focus on things that bring you and your family joy.

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