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When we are working with clients to help organize their lives, many times we use products from Clever Container.  An added bonus of being a Professional Organizer is that we have access to fun and functional organizing products AND we get to be part of a supportive team of creative industry professionals.

We are thrilled that we can bring Clever Container products to you and your home or office. We can help you determine what is absolutely necessary to complete the organizing job at hand and how to incorporate and utilize your products for the long-term.

You will appreciate the ease of shopping on-line, the swift shipping response and ultimately enjoy the high quality of Clever Container products.

You can simply order your organizing products on-line through their website OR consider the following:

Have a Party!

Survey your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about the organizing challenges they are regularly confronted with. Then call us and we will design and help plan a party around those challenges. We will provide training and solutions that will help your guests feel empowered and ready to tackle their organizing issues. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtful and creative ingenious and you will be rewarded with free Clever Container (earnings depend on sales volume).

Have a Clever Cause Fundraiser!

You can partner with Clever Container and earn 10% of total sales toward your fundraising goals. Your profits will increase to 15% after reaching $600 in sales. A $5.00 bonus will be awarded for each party booking linked to the fundraising.

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